Why Multi-Cloud

Optimized ROI

Multi-cloud offers a rich set of cloud options to solve rigorous needs across a diverse range of computing and business functions, thereby optimizing returns on cloud investments.

Superior Security

Multi-cloud allows organizations to maintain a hybrid cloud environment that enables a combination of security and cost savings at the same time.

Low Latency

This capability is especially useful for global organizations that needs to serve corporate data across geographically disparate locations while maintaining a unified end-user experience.


Multi-cloud infrastructure empowers organizations to mix and match platforms and vendors such that their workloads are not locked-in to individual cloud providers. With the lower vendor lock-in, customers get the autonomy to address changing business needs for performance, security and returns on investments.

Less Disaster Prone

The complexity, cost and risks of running a multi-cloud environment may appear multiplied, but the only real difference is the need to monitor a network of networks with tools that deliver end-to-end visibility across all network resources.

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