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Microservices is an architectural approach that arranges an application as a series of services, allowing huge, sophisticated applications to be delivered quickly, often, and reliably.


Improved Productivity

Breaking an application down into smaller autonomous fragments make it easier to build and maintain.

Better resiliency

The process of discovering and resolving the core cause of performance issues is made easier by using a microservices-based architecture.

Increased Scalability

Each service can be written in a different language or technology that allows DevOps to choose the most appropriate tech stack for each module.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Microservices architecture allows cross-functional teams to develop, test, problem-solve, deploy, and update services independently.


Containerization is the packaging of software code with only the operating system libraries and dependencies needed to run it, resulting in a container that can run on any infrastructure.



Since a container bundles all dependencies, you can take your application almost anywhere without rebuilding it to account for a new environment.


Containers improve efficiency in two ways: they use all available resources, and they minimize overhead.


You can create containers rapidly, deploy them to any environment, where they can be used to solve many diverse DevOps challenge.

Faster delivery

By compartmentalizing your application, you can divide even the most enormous size of an application into discrete parts using microservices.

Improved security

Because containers are isolated from one another, even if the security of one container is compromised, other containers on the same host remain secure.


Containerization allows developers the versatility to operate their code in either a virtualized or bare-metal environment.

Easier Management

Some containers (example: Kubernetes) offer a variety of tools that simplify container management as part of their platform.

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